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Two Authors, One Goal

We’re Lucy and Robin, and this podcast chronicles our journey from amatuer writers to published authors.

We’re at different places in this journey. Robin is a working illustrator, and in May 2021, she’ll add “working writer” to that list with her first book, the graphic novel No One Returns from the Enchanted Forest.

Lucy is largely unpublished, though she does have a short story in the anthology Oregon’s Emerging Writers. She studied Book Publishing at Portland State University through their Ooligan Press masters program, and briefly worked as a editor, though she’s currently back at school for a Business degree.

In Season One, when our podcast was called Write for Me, Write for You, we challenged ourselves to each write the rough draft of a book during 2020. We had no idea when we started this project that 2020 would prove to be so eventful (and yet painfully uneventful, at the same time), but we both managed to complete our first drafts!

Now, in Season Two, we have a new name and some new goals. We’ll both be editing those manuscripts we finished last year, but Lucy will also begin the hunt for an agent. We hope to be joined by a few friends along the way, to help demystify this process for other writers.

That’s a Wrap! (On Season 2) Write Place / Write Time

Lucy and Robin announce a brief hiatus, because sometimes you just need to take a break. Don't worry, episodes will resume later this year!
  1. That’s a Wrap! (On Season 2)
  2. Research & Reference
  3. The Struggle
  4. NaNoWriMo Approaches!
  5. Summer Progress

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